Take a little something back home. Whether a diamond necklace, a cashmere pashmina, fragrant spices or a colourful woven basket, Mauritius has shopping opportunities for everyone!


Duty & Customs

Duty-free items available in Mauritius now include popular photographic and cinematographic equipment and accessories, watches and clocks, cellular phones and other types of telephony equipment, paintings, engravings and antiques, sunglasses and binoculars. Duty is not applied to leatherwear or jewels, and levies have been reduced on perfumes and cosmetics.


TAX Refunds

Tourists visiting Mauritius can buy Tax-free goods in shops outside of the airport and authorised by Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA) for delivery to the MCCI Tax refund counter on their departure date (Tax-free shopping). Alternatively, you can collect your goods at the point of sale (Tax-paid shopping) and get a duty and/or VAT refund at the MCCI Tax Refund Counter on your departure date.

Mauritius has gained a reputation with shopaholics and you’ll quickly see why. There are a wide range of shopping experiences on offer; both for the bargain-hunter, willing to rub shoulders with the locals in the bustling markets and bargain for the lowest prices and best deals, as well as for the less price conscious wanting to indulge in the jewellery, fine textiles and model ships that the country has on offer.

If you are looking for interesting souvenirs to take home, or gifts for family and friends, some time-honoured favourites are handmade bags and baskets, essential oils and perfumes, delicious locally grown teas, fine rum and rum liqueurs, beautiful saris, soft cashmere scarves and pashminas, spices, and sugar, to name but a few! Don’t forget to take home a few delicious “napolitains” to make your return home a little sweeter.

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