Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism


From cosmetic surgery to dentistry and hair grafting, Mauritius is one of the top destinations for medical tourism. Mauritius offers a unique opportunity for visitors to combine healthcare, wellness and leisure in a single trip. This discreet destination is the ideal location to enhance your appearance, improve your smile, or restore your glowing locks… The tranquil, dreamy location is a sure recipe for a relaxing vacation while the quality of the healthcare and the competitiveness of the prices is very attractive. Improve your health, appearance and confidence in one of the world’s most beautiful locations.


Why Mauritius?



Mauritius benefits from some of the latest technologies in cosmetic surgery and dentistry equipment. Our private health centres and clinics are also supported by modern medical diagnostic centres and laboratories.


Training and education

The depth and quality of Mauritius’ medical education and training have increased considerably in recent years, and practitioners are now able to bring their new skills and enhanced knowledge to the practice of medical tourism. All medical staff involved in medical tourism are bilingual.



Mauritius has a large network of professional private clinics, each offering an exceptionally high standard of care.



A medical operation in Mauritius is cheaper than in many parts of the world. Special packages, including flight, medical services and accommodation can be organised in advance, allowing guests to make considerable cost-savings.



Rejuvenating wellness treatments are very popular in Mauritius. The island’s peaceful, calm and beautiful environment makes it the perfect setting for therapies, massages, spas and other therapeutic exercises.

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