Les Marianness Wellness Sanctuary

Les Marianness Wellness Sanctuary D’Epinay


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Nestled in the lush nature, in the lap of a mountain, Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary is the first and only medical wellness and spa centre in the region; geared toward individualised plans for your ultimate well-being. Whether you just want a getaway, rejuvenation plan, detox therapy, mind and body balancing treatment, relaxing and invigorating experience, or other plans, the expert team of qualified health practitioners, spa therapists, fitness instructors and nutritionists, under the guidance of Dr Siddick Maudarbocus – a visionary in Integrative Medicine – will ensure a personalised service.

A true haven, where modern and traditional medicine invite you for a full revival. Dr Siddick, along with his international team, ensures that a fully tailored treatment package is provided to you, adapted to your requirements for weight management, stress, burnout or addiction based on personalised Neuro Feedback Diagnostic. A fully diverse range of spa and massage treatments also delivers the best combination for a holistic journey under a single roof.