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The Maritim Diving Centre is a scuba diving tour operator driven by the passion of the ocean, eager to share with complete beginners and qualified divers to discover or re-discover our fascinating and breath taking underwater scenery.

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Mauritius Holiday Villas | Luxury Apartments | Hotels in Mauritius

Hand-picked Mauritius hotels and villas to suit every occasion.

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Are you planning a stay in Mauritius soon and wish to rent a vehicle? Soleiro Car Rental Services offers rental vehicles at very affordable prices. Our services are known to be excellent and we offer features that will make your stay one you might not forget. 

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Float through one of the best preserved ebony forests in Mauritius on a guided tour along our raised walkways. Discover some of the last remaining rare endemic birds, such as the Mauritian merle and Flycatcher. For those who enjoy hiking, there are various trails with spectacular views of the western and southern coast.

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Welcome to AKD Car Rental Mauritius, we are a 100 % local based  family business specialised in Car and Scooter rental at very competitive prices.

At AKD Car Rental : no deposit required, many benefits totally FREE, wide range of recent vehicles and a constant effort at always improving customer satisfaction (5-star rating on Google).

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POINT (57.500446 -20.298711) is a well-managed and marketed worldwide website by a team of seasoned professional dedicated to give Mauritian talents particularly painters, sculptors, craftsmen owning their intellectual property rights, photographers and writers their deserved visibility locally and in the world with access to potential buyers.

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It is ideal to bike, to discover a so picturesque and paradisiac island....

Please contact Rakesh at the main gate: Tel: 5 791 2184

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We live to provide you with memories caught on camera, so that when you take on that wave or hit big air (or perhaps have your first lesson), you feel the rush of adrenalin hit your body, and you get to see it back time and time again.

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Transferiste Car Rental Mauritius is an outstanding car rental company in Mauritius. Our car rental rates are very cost effective and up to the reach of most visitors to Mauritius island. We have a fleet of different makes and models of  vehicles which includes:

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New exciting fun on Mauritius - now available at Grand Baie. Easy to learn in 5 minutes by most people, no experience needed. 

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So’flo is the latest commercial centre acquired by Ascencia. Operating in the centre of the island since end of November 2017, So’flo responds perfectly to the expectations of its customers. With a modern architecture, focused on natural lighting, atmosphere and a home-like comfort, So’flo boasts an exclusive but affordable offer.

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