Happy Rajah

Grand Bay: Phoenix: Super U Complex, Centre Commercial Phoenix, Grand Bay. Phoenix. Tel: (230) 263 2241 / 263 2867 Tel: (230) 427 1400 / 427 6400


Tel: (230) 263 2241 / 263 2867 / (230) 427 1400 / 427 6400

Operating since January 2006, Happy Rajah Indian Restaurants have rapidly established their credentials as traditional Indian cuisine specialists. Happy Rajah Indian Restaurants are situated in the Super U complex in the heart of Grand Bay and in the new Centre Commercial Phoenix complex and offer authentic Indian cuisine in a surprisingly cozy and warm venue.

At the Happy Rajah, a team of North and South Indian professionals join their expertise to produce the authentic cuisine of the 17th century Moghul Emperors of India as well as sumptuous regional delicacies such as Chennai spicy vindaloos from the South.Our Tandoori chefs roast deliciously marinated meat and sea food, and bake crisp naan bread in the charcoal-fuelled clay oven. Meanwhile, our saucier chefs simmer classical curries and stews using perfectly balanced fine spices imported from India.

 More than a mere outing for an Indian meal, the Happy Rajah experience has been likened to a voyage to magnificent India.