Clinique du Nord

Royal Road, Tombeau Bay, Mauritius


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230 247 1254

As a pioneer within the Health Care Sector in Mauritius, my mission is to offer the best treatment within the shortest time and a great level of comfort for the patients in my care.

I set up my first private hospital, the “Clinique du Nord” on the sandy beach of Tombeau Bay in 1988, following the great demand for private health institutions in the north of Mauritius.

As an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) doctor, it was natural for me to offer this specality right from the start.

With the rising demand for further specialities, our services gradually increased and clients from all parts of the island started coming in. At present, we operate 3 medical facilities (hospitals & clinics) around the island and collaborate with more than 80 inhouse specialists.

Patient’s testimonials show that our services are greatly valued. And as Mauritius developped into a renowned tourism destination and an international business environment, patients from accross the globe have appreciated our medical care, especially the personalised attention they receive from our experienced staff.

Today, our mission remains unchanged, although the support of the latest medical equipment makes this undertaking much easier.

We emphasize more on personal attention with a ratio of more than 3 nurses per patient plus doctors and specialists physically presentat all times.

Our success is no coincidence, but the result of hard and profesional labour by our committed staff, every one of them going out of their way to assure highest standards of care and comfort; hence creating the right ambiance for our patients’ successful and quick recovery.